Sr. Hevia CorteWe are very proud of showing you our product catalogue, in which you can find the best solutions to organize and administrate offices, warehouses and workshops.


The products here offered are supported by an industrial organization that owns the most advanced technologies on design and production.


All raw materials used in our productive processes are manufactured and developed in the UE and they satisfy the most demanding quality regulations, calculation codes, they respect the environment and assure industrial safety.


The trust our customers have placed in us has allowed Ideas en Metal despite the economical crisis to experiment a significant increase of our annual turnover which evidences that is possible to compete in this business with products manufactured in Europe when we combined technology, innovation and service.


Our Account Managers are always at your disposal to establish a direct relationship, quicker and more efficient as these days require.


We hope that our products will be of your interest,




José Antonio Hevia Corte